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Sydney Forensic Cleaning provides all Sydney residents, business owners and government agencies with a fully insured, trained and certified testing, decontamination and remediation of Methamphetamine Contaminated properties. Our expert technicians are leaders in their field, providing all Sydney residents with meth lab cleaning and testing services to ensure the property ... Read More


When renting to a person that you don't personally know, there's really no telling what those people are really up to. If you have recently found out that someone was using your property for illegal purposes, such as cooking methamphetamine, then you need to have your property decontaminated as soon ... Read More


Many home buyers unknowingly buy homes contaminated by methamphetamine, which when smoked or manufactured, release dangerous chemicals into the air that can cling to clothing, carpets, and walls. A dream home can quickly turn into a nightmare. A contaminated home can not only cause sickness but also be uninhabitable for ... Read More


Clandestine Drug Labs, more commonly known as Meth Labs or Clan Labs are locations where the illegal and covert manufacturing of methamphetamine occurs. Ranging in scale from small ‘shake and bake’ operations to sophisticated and highly toxic and volatile operations, the chemicals and hazardous nature of chemical by-products found in ... Read More